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Post  Hinako`Shijo on Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:55 pm

Some of use keep wonderin .. . . why do we have to make A donation?

Here`s the Answer . . . . . ..

</A>To maintain our game server, upcoming more feature`s
and to keep growing... we need your support!
Donate to us today and as a thank you, you can
select a donation item and claim it in game,...

You\'re probably wondering why you would make a
donation, and why I would ask you to. To be
clear, you are not paying for the server that
appear on this site, nor does your donation
register your items. The money won\'t necessarily
go to the owner, either.

All of the money that this server receives will be
used to pay for the site\'s hosting, meralco bill,
pldt bill which is our internet connection
and preservation initiatives. If there\'s any
money left after that, to purchase the other strong
and more useful item`s on this site so that,
a) they can be reviewed to help visitors make an
informed purchasing decision,
b) the owner can be paid for their hard work,
c) to archive and preserve them.

This site will never make a profit, and I\'m not asking
for anything for my time. This is a hobby
site; I made it because I love these games. I
believe in the principle of transparent accounting
practices, therefore all expenses and
revenues will be published on the site.

Currently our donor player`s are not increasing due
to many free item`s and skill in the game i think
other player`s satisfied in that free stuff
so they don`t want to donate,.. if this continue
i will force to make a removal of some free stuff
in game like armor set in NPC, free skill when
creating starting character to avoid the removal
make a donation to us now,..

Another thing will happend if donor player`s not
increase our server will not anymore longer
operate 24/7,.. it will be 20/7 or 19/7

All of its other features, you will see. I hope you
like it and find it easy to use.

Thank you for your interest in donating

With kind regards,



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